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Distance MBA in Jaipur

Jaipur National University is now providing distance education through multimedia channels. JNU University is ranked among top 50 universities by India Today and is one of the top universities in Rajasthan. We provide various blended and inter-disciplinary distance education programmes of education and research in the country.

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is offering Distance MBA in Jaipur from Jaipur National University. Grow Ahead with Distance MBA in JAIPUR via IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL. 

Finding the Balance:

Those days have whisked past us when students didn’t have a feasible opportunity to balance their work with education. But, now they do! Thanks to many credible institutes around the country offering distance education courses, learning while you work, has become a viable option. And one such university that stands apart and gives you a golden chance to implement this option is Assam Down Town University. This university provides a variety of management courses with a carefully prepared course …

Distance learning

Advantage of Distance Learning Distance learning, also known as online education, is a viable option for many individuals of all ages who desire to get an education. It holds a number of pros and advantages over a traditional learning environment.

1. Choice: An online education provides the opportunity to study more subjects and reach out to programs that are not available in the immediate area and IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL provide this facilities.
2. Flexible: Distance learning is much more flexible than traditional styles of classroom education. IPS offers its students rural management courses and research. The vision of IPS is to prepare individuals who can plan a sustainable and eco friendly development for the people via professional development Students who need to take other classes or work can do class work whenever they have a free moment instead of being restricted to a rigid schedule.

3. Networking: Students who enroll in classes with online education obtain a wider rang…
       How to Get placement

The present employment horizon looks bleak and hanging on to the job you have at hand is the need of the hour. The IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL gives us lots of opportunity for Employment. This would mean cutting down your demands from the employer and compromising a bit on certain areas, at least till the situation gets better. Here are some important points to keep in mind to have a successful Employment in IPS Business school and keep your job safe.

Dress professionally – Wear formals to the office unless you work demands. This can be more important if the clients frequent your office. This can also help you give a better first impression.

Be on time – This specially for Employment holds good for meetings. Somebody who’s late by 10 minutes will make others feel that their time has been wasted.

Stick to what you commit – If you say that you would do something, then you better demonstrate your commitment by doing it or better by doing it before time.

Keep your boss …

Undergraduate Business Program (BBA) - IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL

About IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL"Discover who you really are. Think independently. Find your own voice. IPS Business school is one of the Rajasthan's elite business schools shaping business practise and transforming careers across the globe." As one of the Rajasthans’s leading business schools, IPS Business School brings together people, cultures and ideas to change lives and to transform organisations. A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of our research and teaching. For over seven years, IPS, the business school, has been at the forefront of management education, developing and inspiring business leaders who strive to make a deep, positive and lasting impact on the people, companies and society they serve. The school's integrated and up to date curriculum, close ties with Multinationals, and active connection to the Global Network for Advanced Management ensure that IPS's management Students acquire crucial techno M…

How Beneficial Is a Degree in Business Management?

Many individuals choose to obtain a traditional educational degree prior to entering the business environment. Business degrees are available in a variety of specializations, including accounting, finance, business management, economics or other business topics. A common choice is a degree in business management. This degree should provide individuals with a well-rounded foundation relating to employee management and creating a dynamic workplace environment.Facts:The typical educational format for a business management degree is the three-year baccalaureate program. Coursework comprises finance, human resources, workplace relations, economics, marketing, team dynamics and other business or management courses. Courses usually include teamwork-style groups that promote the use of several individuals to complete assignments based on classic business functions.
Increases Business Skills: Business management degrees help individuals increase their business skills: leadership, interpersonal …

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL Study Methodology (Top Ranked MBA / BBA College in India) Admission open now!!!

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IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL Admission open for BBA / MBA / BCA

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Career Oriented & Winning “IPS” CoursesMBA | BBATotal Course Fee for 2 years - 1.49 lacs Knowledge Partners: HUGHESIIM
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Career Counselling
Career Guidance Counselling 2015-17More than 200+ Career Options...Don't have a clue about all the careers???Attend Career Guidance Counselling and learn about various career options, entrance exams, specializations, job avenues and future scope at IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL
IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is one of the MBA colleges in Jaipur we are among the Top MBA colleges in India and BestMBA colleges in Rajasthan ,B schools in Jaipur we are  MBA college with Best Placements | IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL. One of the Fastest Growing MBA colleges in Jaipur , we are ranked among top B Schools in Jaipur for MBA . MBA college in Jaipur. IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is the only MBA college in Rajasthan focused on International Placements, and Internship abroad. and offers MBA with 100% placement guarantee. IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL of Management intends to create better jobs and opportunities to MBA students and also aims at providing Practical knowledge through relentless research and…
Top MBA College in IndiaPosted onApril 30, 2015by
OUR MethodologyIPS Business School, one of top business schools in India takes pride for creating an atmosphere wherein both students and faculty can pursue boundless knowledge, a single roof where theory and practice goes hand in hand to present better understanding about oneself and world around him. Education at IPS prepares you to think boldly and act confidently in any business environment Top PGDM college in India. At IPS the focus goes beyond education. IPS aims to prepare students for life – Making them a Leader. The success of IPS as an acknowledged institution for quality learning is an outcome of the various facets that give IPS its characteristic value – the faculty, enterprising students, infrastructure facilities and industry partnerships Top MBA college in Rajasthan. We welcome you to be a part of this Top ranked institution.
The incubators of IPS had a dream… the dream of a gateway that provides g…

MBA College in Jaipur

IPS is academic institute of professional study. IPS is best MBA College in jaipur that offers top management courses. The goal of this institute is to promote sustainable, ecologically-friendly, and equitable socio-economic development of rural people through professional management. The main aim of IPS is to make career of students. IPS is the one of the best management institute in Jaipur that provide Regular MBA, Correspondence MBA or Executive MBA courses in various fields of management studies at different levels. IPS not only provides management courses but also provides top PGDM courses.IPS is the greatest place where you can find best placement. We provide the preeminent facilities where student can enhance their knowledge. IPS offering the best classes for MBA as well as PGDM courses, we have excellent track record of providing internship programs and training. We offers well managed PGDM programs and comfortable environment where organization works. We have high qualified a…