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Toastmaster International Club

Human brain starts working since the day of birth and works until you stand to speak in public. This happens mainly because of hesitation and public fear. Ages ago a club was formed in the name of Toastmasters International Club which worked on speaking skills & leadership qualities. People get confused because of the chosen name  of this club as it symbolizes of some toast formation or making toast for a friend or an acquaintance. In-spite has a complete different meaning, as it was formed in 1930s which makes it sound deliberately old fashioned.Toastmasters has been a part of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL- JAIPUR, Rajasthan. Toastmasters club and IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is going to have their 108th meeting in the upcoming days to work on general ethics of the team. It’s very necessary for each and everyone to work on  their managerial skills. Being in a world of business, the ability to deal with the consumer is the priority of the managers. Preliminary on the spot random topic is proposed i…

International Standard of Courses in IPS

Indian Institute of Management also abbreviated as IIM is a PGDM Management College also under Executive Education Programmes.

IIMs  has certain tie ups with different regions for their Executive Courses. IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR is the region head for these Courses in all over Rajasthan. These courses are basically done after post graduate degree to develop the level of curriculum vitae. An enormous number of increase in the salary is experienced after adapting these informative courses. EPGP from IIM Ahmedabad – Executive Post Graduate Program is a two year post graduate diploma program with added flexibility of completion in three years is offered on interactive on sight learning platform. This course is for junior, middle, senior level managers or business entrepreneurs to exceed to the preceding level. The information provided to the aspirants help them in acquiring appropriate knowledge to move forward in their career.
EPBF from IIM Ahmedabad – Executive Program in Business Fi…

IPS BBA Course

Business articulates in the buying and selling of goods and services. The curriculum seems easy to implement and practice but has plenty of hurdles in its pathway. To get rid of the cons and buts business administrative courses were introduced. The most wealthy among them all is considered as Bachelor of Business Administration  abbreviated as BBA. IT is  an under graduate degree which is followed all over the world. WE are all aware of Jawahar Lal Nehru (admired holy and solely by the children’s ),  more or less a great Lady Miss. Deepti Agarwal came with an inception to the business students via IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR. IPS was originated in 2007 with an unique idea of OJT (ON JOB TRAINING). This concept was made to enhance the practical knowledge of the students by acknowledging them of the corporate world. Knowledge, experience & dedication are the three main agendas to rule this world of technology. OJT helped them gaining all the above as students earn while learn from…

IPS Talent Hunt

Creativity and talent is inside everyone, the difference arises due to confidence. The one who reveals it passionately is appreciated and the hesitant remain in the category of audience. For instance our P.M. Mr. Narendra Modi, despite of being criticized he never took his step back. His words let Goosebumps with a lifetime impact on listeners life. If we look forward towards today's youth talent, an enormous number of candidates emerge in college days. To motivate this gesture colleges propose programmed such as talent hunt. One of the Best Colleges of India - IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL - JAIPUR is going to organise talent hunt where students will showcase their hidden talent in a huge platform. This is an opportunity to all over the students world wide.
The concerned students from inside and outside campus take initiative to participate, henceforth reveal the extra ordinary act in front of the jury as well as the viewers. The aspirants are honored with a certificate of appreciation an…

IPS Industrial Visits

Business mainly has three sectors: Industry, Commerce & Trade. The depth of these major contents is more like a Bermuda triangle, which has no end point. Its necessary for a business candidate to gain adequate knowledge of each stream, then only the business would generate goodwill. Let us all now know about industries. As we all know goods are majorly in the form of raw materials at the initial stage, prior to this it becomes semi finished and finally finished goods. In a Management College each of these things are theoretically made understood. If we talk about the Best Colleges of India, for instance IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL - JAIPUR, the necessity of practical field knowledge is given to the students.  IPS conducts industrial visits in the companies like Bosch, Saras, Textile Industries, Akshay Patra Association, Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone etc every now and then to provide the basic knowledge of the firm as well as work environment. Students coordinate with the managers, they enjo…

Top Ranked BBA College in INDIA

Which college do you consider the best one?
The one with amazing infrastructure?
The one with succeeding results?
The one with a  unique ideas? Would you be amazed to know there is a college with all the above mentioned statements. It consists all these qualities in an individual institute. It offers BBA course for the students all across the world. Bachelor of Business Administration abbreviated as BBA is a management course for three years.  Plenty of colleges practice this course in their campus, but if you search for the Best Colleges in INDIA, the marker goes to IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL – JAIPUR. IPS is stated as the best college because of its special characteristics. A Great IDEA was propagated by the Director of this Institute to experience the practical knowledge of the Global Business World. Students get complete texture of the business world. Regular classes along with ON JOB TRAINING. Who would have thought that in this era of technology a bachelor would earn and work in such rep…


Amusements make human being active and dedicated towards their work. We are going to focus on the activities practiced among the students of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL - JAIPUR. The most enduring college of this era in the field of management. The courses followed in this institute is BBA/MBA. Being a management college, business oriented fun activities is necessary to hound the curiosity of students towards their chosen field. Everyday a session of activities goes on in which students interact in a group of so and so numbers. This might be casual to rest of the world as group discussion is a random thing to notice, but for  a management student it is utmost required to understand the value of working in a group. No business can be taken forward individually, it needs enormous number of man power. The activities precisely contain business plans, quiz such as logo identification quiz, personality identification quiz, general knowledge quiz as well as games, singing, dancing, management games…

IPS Orientation Days

Every year a new batch arrives with dedication, enthusiasm and a goal to become successful. Similarly the days of 2017 batch has begun. Students have gathered with hope and excitement to earn while learn. This is the story of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL - JAIPUR, The best MBA college in Jaipur. INDIA is a country of heritage and legacy the Gods & Goddesses are honored before accomplishing any task, in the same way it is followed in every corner of the country as well as in Institutions. IPS encourages it passionately. The Deep Prajwalan is the most peaceful activity at the starting of the year where blessings count on the development of students. The next step towards positive vibes is the plantation day, just next to introduction.  In IPS excitement and surprises has no end point, Jaipur visit along with a plenty of new pals give the students thrill and a chance to interact with each other precisely. This is the trailer of the orientation story, still a lot to experience.
Orientation ses…

Top Ranked Management College in India

Business is all about connections and connection is all about behavior.  In this era of human kind its utmost to be educated by a proper institute with advanced technology. When we talk about technology let us all emphasize towards IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL - JAIPUR. An Institute with Managerial Skills and Information Technology.
IPS is a Management College which offers MBA/BBA course. IPS is the Best Management College in INDIA. There is a proper justification to the above statement. IPS offers Masters of Business Administration in-spite of PGDM, In addition to this it also offers ON JOB TRAINING (OJT).

OJT is a complete unique concept, students prepare their selves for the corporate world simultaneous to studies. The process starts from the very first day of the college to provide sufficient practical knowledge to the students. It is next to impossible to get a job being an undergraduate, but here in this institute you will be made eligible to accomplish the task fruitfully. A little more…

IPS Placements

IPS has been instrumental in influencing the business landscape of the nation since 2007. Aspirants are cordially given the right to choose sector and then assigned to the prospective firm. IPS has two categories of placements. The prior one is ON JOB TRAINING and then comes the final placement.ON JOB TRAINING:- OJT is same as part time job, The origin of OJT was made by the Director of IPS with the ideology of "earn while learn." The graph has kept on increasing as the students initiate practical practice while their education is in the flow. Companies enroll students of BBA/MBA according to the students general knowledge and working capacity. Final placements:- Once students are done with the prospectus of education they are assigned to organizations for final placement with a great package and reputed designation.
The alumni of IPS are:- Gaurav Khandelwal- Hinduja Leyland Finance Limited (MBA Batch) Manisha Pamnani- Amazon Madhan Priyadarshan- Barclays Ranvir Singh- AIRT…

Life @ IPS

Life has four phases and student life is said to be as the best one. Let us all get aware of all interesting fact about IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL - JAIPUR. IPS is a family with a plenty of members each connected directly or indirectly to each other. A management college with MBA/BBA merged crowd from INDIA as well as outside INDIA. Management is all about learning, exploring, enhancing, discipline, coordinating and many more.. Here we explore each aspect of life, the mixture of different culture, religion, nation & last but the most concerned "KNOWLEDGE."
IPS is a part of Rajasthan or we could say a legacy of INDIA. This is no common college with just enormous number of students surrounded inside the campus. Each and every member share a bond of togetherness and comfort. It would be unjust if we don't mention the main priority of this institute which is students welfare and growth. Education along with fun adds ice to the cake. Games, music, events, seminars takes place e…

Best MBA & BBA Colleges in Jaipur

Management is a hierarchy of responsibilities. To overcome the cons of business a step by step procedure is adopted globally. The study of Business Administration is sub divided into two parts i.e. at bachelors level and next at the masters level.Bachelor of Business Administration - A three yrs under graduate course with all perspective knowledge of business is adopted by the students either for personal entrepreneurship or to get the passage in the corporate world.
Master of Business Administration - This is a two years post graduate course admired for the purpose of management all over the globe. A deck of colleges offer BBA / MBA degree with different fee structure. Among them IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL - JAIPUR is considered as the best management college in India.  The fee structure of this institute is reasonable and affordable, apart from this the facilities provided by this institute is beyond expectations. College hours start from 0800 hours to 1100 hours followed by ON  JOB TRAINING

CAT (Common Aptitude Test) - 2017 Exam Notifications

Common Admission Test is a national level management entrance exam conducted by IIM and its scores are used for admission to various management institutes across the country. The students who has completed their Bachelor’s degree or appearing for final year of Bachelor’ degree are eligible to appear for the same.Common Entrance Test or CAT analyses the skills of the aspirant in four sections: Quantitative AptitudeVerbal AbilityLogical &  Analytical ReasoningData Interpretation
It is also a test of time management. CAT 2017 schedule is as follows:
9th August 2017 – Registration Beginning Date20th September 2017 – Registration Ending Date18th October 2017 – Admit Card26th November 2017  – Final Exam
Colleges accepting CAT scores are:IIM BangaloreIIM AhmedabadIIM CalcuttaIIT DelhiManagement Development Institute, GurgaonIIT, KanpurSymbiosis, PuneFMS, DelhiNMIMS, MumbaiWelingkar, MumbaiIPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Jaipur and many more.

Getting the concepts right and dedicating maximum practice ti…

MBA in HRM (Human Resource Management)

Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource is a 2 yrs course applicable after graduation. Human Resource is a wide process of Planning, Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Induction, Orientation, Evaluation, Promotion, Employee Remunerations and Performance management. All these are individually taught theoretically as well as practically while pursuing MBA from IPS Business School - Jaipur. HR is basically a position which can be well handled through experience and requires practical knowledge.
IPS Business school is the best MBA College in Rajasthan and holds a reputed rank in all over India. IPS differentiates itself from rest of the colleges in many ways as the academics follows the timing of 0800 hours to 1100 hours and thereof comes ON JOB TRAINING. Earn while learn is the main content of OJT. Students get proper base for their final placements. IPS has a long list of placements made in past couple of years in HR sector (fore more information login to…

MBA in I.T. (Information Technology)

Education along with technology implicates a perfect institution. IPS follows the methodology of Earn while Learn. Though the term IT abbreviates in just two simple words "Information Technology" but it has a vast impact over the globe. Master of Business Administrations trains an individual to manage a firm, organization as well as the country in the best possible way. Hereby "IPS (Institute of Professional Studies) Business School" offers a huge platform for the students interested in MBA with low fee structure. The institute is highly dedicated in generating the core knowledge of inside and outside field. These words are taken into consideration since the very first day of orientation program where the delegates are invited to enlighten the students. The part of experience they share becomes the first pillar of motivation to the concerned students. Then the industrial visits add plenty of excitement among the students. Proceeding further to the classes and ON JO…

MBA in Finance

“Financial management is at the heart of any business. It is one area that can help drive it forward.” It is the management and control of the collection and investment of money as a capital required for an industrial working, which is done by a financial manager. Therefore, the companies are seeking for outstanding financial manager who can help their company to grow well by taking care of the blood of the company, i.e., the financial resources. This is why an MBA in finance is most sought program across the world.

There is a huge list of specializations offered in MBA and here we are talking about one of the most important specialization, i.e. finance. But at the same time, theoretical knowledge is not at all enough to understand this deep concept of finance, practical knowledge is required as well. There are some of the colleges which provides an MBA degree with work experience. One such college is IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, JAIPUR which gives the students an opportunity to earn while l…