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       How to Get placement

The present employment horizon looks bleak and hanging on to the job you have at hand is the need of the hour. The IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL gives us lots of opportunity for Employment. This would mean cutting down your demands from the employer and compromising a bit on certain areas, at least till the situation gets better. Here are some important points to keep in mind to have a successful Employment in IPS Business school and keep your job safe.

Dress professionally – Wear formals to the office unless you work demands. This can be more important if the clients frequent your office. This can also help you give a better first impression.

Be on time – This specially for Employment holds good for meetings. Somebody who’s late by 10 minutes will make others feel that their time has been wasted.

Stick to what you commit – If you say that you would do something, then you better demonstrate your commitment by doing it or better by doing it before time.

Keep your boss …