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Best MBA & BBA College in Rajasthan - IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is the best MBA and BBA College in Rajasthan.  Looking forward to get experience along with education? IPS is the best option. This institute provides On Job Training after the academic session of 0800 to 1100 hours.

MOTIVE OF IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL: -IPS provides platform to students who wants to enrich themselves for their  upcoming future.The authority of this college doesn't focuses just over education as well as OJT but also puts effort towards extra co-curricular activities(such as sports, music, innovations, ideas, etc). IPS has a clear vision of student's development. Prior to other institutes IPS is completely coherent and oriented towards its task i.e to enhance the qualities of students as well as society.The faculty is enthusiastic and shows proper concern for the betterment of the institution.

OPPORTUNITIES: -IPS gives a certified degree of RAJASTHAN UNIVERSITY for BBA and RAJASTHAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY  for MBA. The main pillar of this college i…