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MBA Specializations: Which One to Select?

MBA is a two-year program. The initial phase, i.e., the first year is common to every student and is dedicated towards the completion of the core courses. During the first year they learn about basic management subjects which is the foundation of the MBA program and after the completion of the first year, they need to choose a field in which they want to do their specialization.

The common major specializations are:
MarketingFinanceHuman ResourceInformation Technology (I.T.)Choosing a specialization can be a difficult process for students. It is very important for students to consider their career goals and professional development before choosing a specialization.
There may be various factors that influence your decision regarding the area you wish to specialize in. Depending upon your priority, you may choose a field as per the job availability, your interest area, your preferred job profiles and the compensation package.

While choosing an MBA specialization area, it always works in you…

Why Management Training Matters?

“Practice is the hardest part of learning and training is the essence of transformation.” Learning is the endless phenomenon and a person learns new thing every day and in every phase of life. Learning gives you the knowledge which has the power to beat anything and anyone. If you have adequate knowledge, you cannot lag behind from any. Knowledge comes from both learning and practicing simultaneously. Because theoretical knowledge is of no use until and unless it is applied practically. No doubt you will feel like tired while your training period but as you know “the pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” Classroom lectures can just give you an idea about the concept but when you will work on live projects you will get its complete and in depth knowledge and also you will realize that there is ample difference between the two. The things which you learn in classrooms and through books is far way different from real life situations which can only be experienced t…

Being a Management Student in Jaipur

Management exists everywhere whether it’s a house or a company, event or a meeting, hospital or a college. Everything to be completed successfully needs to be managed well. So, management is that pillar in today’s world which is required to make things happen effectively and efficiently.

Now the major concern arise here is, many of us are of the view that if you want to pursue management course, you should opt to move to cities like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. But it’s not true. Jaipur is also a place, you can go for. You can find large number of good management colleges over there.

I am a management student pursuing MBA from IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, JAIPUR. It’s an excellent Business School to be a part of. I basically hail from Kishangarh and when I was planning to do MBA, I had so many questions in my mind like which place to go, which college to choose. Then I decided to go to Jaipur because in my opinion it’s a great place to explore and to learn as well.

Despite of being so many coll…

Which is better, MBA v/s PGDM?

Many of us are still not aware about the thin line differentiating MBA and PGDM. Although both are courses of Business Management but there is minute line that separates the intrinsic nature of the two, especially since both are career oriented.

The degree MBA is provided by “University” or “Colleges” that are affiliated to University while PGDM is offered by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) approved institutions. Another major difference is, in most cases, the MBA course curriculum is designed by the university itself. Therefore, the core syllabus (and sometimes even elective subjects) will be pretty much same in two colleges under same university and changes it after few years. However, PGDM courses are determined by the institute itself which provides it flexibility to some extent and undergoes a change according to the industrial requirement every year. But it has to be noted that one year PGDM course is not equivalent to MBA.

The dilemma that roots in the minds of t…

Why Choose MBA?

An MBA is a popular option among fresh graduates or even working professionals due to the career advancement offered by it. An MBA degree holder finds various career opportunities in different fields such as finance, human resource, marketing, IT, etc.
There are so many good reasons to choose MBA as an career path. It is highly recognized degree in the national as well as international market which is the gateway to the high paying jobs.
MBA is not just an academic degree rather it covers a wide range of activities like seminars, industry exposures, internships, etc. which helps you for your overall development. All you need to do is, just make a right choice of the institution which can fulfill your expectations and matches with the actual requirement of an MBA.
Leading corporate over the world prefer to employ MBAs in managerial positions. The nature of responsibility, quality of work and possibilities for growth increase with an MBA degree.
An MBA serves as an important entry ticket to…