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Amusements make human being active and dedicated towards their work. We are going to focus on the activities practiced among the students of IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL - JAIPUR. The most enduring college of this era in the field of management. The courses followed in this institute is BBA/MBA. Being a management college, business oriented fun activities is necessary to hound the curiosity of students towards their chosen field.

Everyday a session of activities goes on in which students interact in a group of so and so numbers. This might be casual to rest of the world as group discussion is a random thing to notice, but for  a management student it is utmost required to understand the value of working in a group. No business can be taken forward individually, it needs enormous number of man power.

The activities precisely contain business plans, quiz such as logo identification quiz, personality identification quiz, general knowledge quiz as well as games, singing, dancing, management games- branding activities, etc. This was just a trailer of the movie, the main activities include the grooming sessions of psychological as well as physiological aspects of a human body.

After the completion of the personality development of every IPSian, a justified leader is chosen among the warriors of IPS, they become the student coordinator, which is a dream of every student where he feels the power of a leader and motivates his fellow mates.

Their won’t be any end to this blog if we talk about each and every activity practised in IPS, because IPS is the college of professionals and profession has always something new to learn and expand.

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